Some of the projects Skyport Media has helped with:

Youtube Channel: CompanionlessNymph18

CompanionlessNymph18 is a wonderfully bizarre collection of blogs by a young girl with way too much time on her hands. Watch more at

Skyport Media created a custom logo, intro animatic sequence, and theme song for this channel.


NowThis is a video network built from scratch for people who get their news on mobile devices and through social streams. As part of their Mental Health Awareness Month campaign in May 2018, they created a video detailing the struggles and misconceptions of living with OCD.

Skyport Media helped film this project.

Carapace Alliance

The Carapace Alliance is an organization dedicated to educating the public on green sea turtle fibropapillomatosis (GTFP) and ocean conservation practices. Carapace Alliance produced a video to secure funding for the development of a short film outlining the effects of this disease on the green sea turtle population and the oceanic ecosystem at large. 

Skyport Media helped film, edit, and compose an original score for this project.

Troll Freak

Two unrelated individuals with control issues are forced to take part in a mysterious battle of wits in which living humans are the game pieces. If they hope to survive, Connor and Rhodes must outmaneuver their ingenious opponent--a manipulative sadist known only as ADMIN.

Skyport Media provided an original score and other assistance in this project.

The Hall Monitor

In a quiet college town, two friends discover that an apartment complex they live in is plagued by the memory of a construction worker who died during its construction. Now, they have to try and escape the clutches of The Hall Monitor.

Skyport Media helped write, film, and compose an original score for this project.


Jason is a young man who never really seemed to connect with others emotionally. However, after an accident, he develops a condition known as synesthesia, which causes him to feel the touches of other people. 

Skyport Media helped compose an original score for this project.